Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sierra Nevada ESB

Today started at about 11:45 last night, when we were awakened for a bomb scare. We carried a screaming Jack and pushed Carter in a stroller...good times.

At 12:05am, we arrived at the meetup point, and were told we could go back home.

12:10am--arrive home, try to get back to sleep

1:00ish--fall asleep

5:00am--wake up, perform morning ritual (big bowl of Kashi Summer Berry Granola w/ Yogurt, cup of coffee)

5:00am-6:30am--continue morning routine, pack bike, leave

7:00am--start ride from Schofield. Proceed out to Kunia Road, where it's raining. Learn that rain, roads, red dirt and freshly painted reflective paint don't mix. Join up with another group of riders. Proceed to ride at seemingly max effort for the next 4hours...finish with 64 miles, a couple climbs of Pineapple Hill, Kole Kole, and a fast pace on the flats.

11:30am--arrive home starving...Garmin says I burned 4,400 calories, but I consider the data suspect. Drink a coke, eat a block of cheese and a sandwich. Hang out for awhile.

2:00pm--Head to Costco with Jack. Remember that I can't stand Costco, especially in Hawaii. The outdoor food court is always packed, and the Costco shoppers are all in a hurry to either stuff their faces at the outdoor food court, or push you out of their way in order to get to the free samples of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Parking also blows. Resolve to never enter a Hawaiian Costco again.

3:00pm--Bike shop to pick up wheel.

3:30pm--Whole Foods to pick up some new beer.

4:30pm--back at home to wind up the day. Open the first beer, Sierra Nevada ESB (Early Spring Beer).

4:35pm--fall in love with this beer. Damn, it was good. Very hoppy, bitter, all around good flavor. Maybe it's that I'm so damn tired, but this beer is the best I've had since Celebrator. An A+ for $9.99/6 pack, PQ=31

6:00pm--Sonya makes some kickass pasta and sauce. The best sauce I've ever had.

8:00pm--read "The Glump" to the kids. to pass out

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