Sunday, October 28, 2007


Did another tough ride on the North Shore yesterday...2 climbs up Pineapple Hill and some fast intervals. There was a massive headwind on the climb, so it was extra hard. Had extra motivation to get through the ride...made a big pot of chili and opened up the latest brew...a Porter. Was happy with the way the beer turned out. Unfortunately, Oahu's only homebrew store closes down in 2 weeks. Looks like my next brew will be the last for awhile.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Falling Behind on Left Behind

It looks like I'm having trouble keeping up with my modest goal of reading 1 chapter per week of Left Behind. Can't seem to get motivated, maybe it's because I've been satisfying my apocalyptic cravings with other things, like Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl or several global warming articles in last month's National Geographic. Some random Internet readings led me to the Share International on the Reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher website. I read a book a few years ago that talked about Maitreya and this Benjamin Creme character. Interesting stuff. I find the 2012 prophecy and this Maitreya stuff far more interesting and maybe even more believable than the Left Behind BS...not saying I subscribe to any of their views, but I really don't want to buy into that violent petty God destroying the world bullshit thrown about by Lahaye and others. It's scary that our President and several of the folks running for President say they believe this stuff. I think I'm done with Lahaye...not enough free time to devote to that trash. I seriously think I'm dumber for having read 4 chapters of his trash.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

24 hr Race

Last weekend, I rode the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise MTB race on Kualoa Ranch. It was a great event held on private property that's rarely opened to bikers or campers. From what I hear, this is some of the best mountain biking on Oahu. The course was had everything, starting with a steep climb, slipperty downhill and rocky and at times muddy singletrack. The HACC fielded 2 teams, and I rode on the Coed team. Our only goal was to get some good riding in, sans injury. We had no strategy, just rotating through our 5 person teams, each riding a lap. The day basically consisted of 1) Ride, 2) Clean Bike, 3) Change Clothes, 4) Drink beer, 5) Eat, 6) Rest, 7) Drink Coffee, then repeat. For the most part, weather was good, but the rain showers during the day on Saturday made the course difficult late at night. We decided that 2 of us would pull double laps late at night...goal was to make up some time and give the rest of the team a break. Little did I know that the single track was going to turn to mush. I pulled the first of the double lap at 1:45 am...the lap was going fine, just had some mud buildup...not enough to slow me down. Before taking off for the 2nd lap, I decided to clean off some of the mud. The 2nd lap started out well. Legs felt strong as I made it through the climb and downhill as quick as any other lap...then came the singletrack. At this point, it was slick and unrideable. I could barely stay up on the bike, so I decided to run and push the bike. This became difficult...eventually I looked down and noticed that the entire drivetrain, fork, and wheels had large clumps of mud caked on it. Nothing on the bike would turn. Eventually I pulled off enough mud to make the bike rideable. Once I got back on the bike, I noticed a much larger light was dimming. Looked down on my watch, and saw that I had lost tons of time...I should've been at the end of the lap, but still had a couple miles to go. I was way off my pace, and I miscalculated how much light power I had for the lap. I learned that these halogen lights fade pretty quickly, as it became pitch black in a matter of seconds. So, had to ride with a maglight in one hand for the last couple miles...this was way more challenging that I had expected, as I had to navigate rocky single track with one hand, while I tried to keep the light steady. When I rode the course again in daylight, I was amazed that I made it through that lap without crashing into one of the many large rocks sitting in the middle of the trail.

Thankfully, my next lap was just after sunrise. The course at this hour was much drier, and full of amazing views of the Kaaawa Valley. It's a shame this area isn't open to the public more often.

We exceeded our expectations by taking 2nd in the Men's Team Division and 3rd in the Coed division. In the middle of the night, we learned that both teams were winning...was very shocking to us, since no one had really put in many miles mountain biking. For me, this was my 4th ride this year...and it's been 7 years since I rode on a regular basis.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Left Behind: Chapter 4...still in awe of the rapture

After that action packed Chapter 1, Left Behind's coming up weak. It's getting really repetitive...Rayford's realizing he's a self-centered man, Lahaye won't shut up about how Buck Williams is a hot-shot young reporter, and folks everywhere are realizing everyone's disappeared. Even a few are calling it the rapture. Here are a few notes from the chapter...

We learn a little more about Nicolae Carpathia...this guy's a badass. He's some politician in Romania. He speaks a bunch of language and wants world peace...sounds like Satan to me.

We learn that Rayford's son is named Raymie...both Raymie and Rayford's wife have been raptured.

Page 63: "one of the women behind the counter hollered at him that he'd have to unplug" Can't say I've ever seen the word hollered in a book.

Rayford makes it to his home and noticed that his radio was on, tuned to the Christian radio station, which was still on the air. How does a Christian radio station operate during rapture conditions?


I was in a Christian book store a couple weeks ago, with nothing much to do. I perused the Left Behind section. If you're looking for children's gifts, there's the Left Behind Kids series. If the reading is too hard, you can watch one of the great movies starring Kirk Cameron, in his best performance since 'Growing Pains'. I also decided to skip ahead, reading the jacket of one of the later novels in the series, and I discovered that Nicolae Carpathia becomes Global Community Supreme Potentate.