Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Mountain Biking

Today was the first day off in awhile. When I asked Carter what he wanted to do today, the first thing he said was "mountain biking, I ALWAYS want to go mountain biking." Hearing that made me proud. That's exactly the way I feel...even though my bike rarely sees dirt, I'm always up for a good mountain bike ride.

We went to Moanalua Valley Park...although the weather had been beautiful for the past week or so, it decided to rain when I finally had a day off.  Nice.  We were determined to ride, and Carter enjoyed the muddier parts of the trail.  This ride was a little more advanced than his previous ride at Bellows, but he hung in there.  I was surprised at his ability to ride a single-speed w/ 16" wheels uphill.

We stayed on a dirt/gravel road most of the time, there were a few short sections of single track.  Carter used this as a chance to hone his root jumping skills.

Jack did some Skuut riding.  He liked riding downhill, but couldn't ride up I am carrying it up the hill for one of his runs.

After the ride, I taught Carter how to clean his bike.  He seems to enjoy it.  Now I need to convince him to clean my bikes.

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