Sunday, January 25, 2009

MacTarnahan's Oregon Honey Beer

I picked this 6-pack up last week for $7.30--cheap for a six pack at my local AAFES outlet. I've never heard of this Mac MacTarnahan fellow...sounds like the name a faux-English pub on a Carnival Cruise Ship. I wondered if this MacTarnahan chap ever existed. Thank God and Al Gore for the Google, so I looked it up...apparently this guy had quite the history of brewing in the Portland, Oregon area until he died in '04.

For someone with a long history of brewing, you'd expect this to be a good beer. It was very unremarkable. I've had 5 of them within the past week or so, and I honestly can't remember exactly what it tastes like....bland, the honey aroma/flavor was almost non-existent. I've got 1 left, which I think I'll pour out in memory of old man MacTarnahan.

Grade C

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