Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last 2 beers for '08 + final graph

First up was Mad River's Steelhead Scotch Porter. Very balanced beer, good dark color with the right amount of froth....bit of a coffeeish taste, overall a really good Porter. A, PQ=21

Zatec Czech Pilsner. Czechvar, or Budvar is my favorite Czech Pilsner. The GB Czech Pilsner was pretty good too. This one's right up there...I guess I just like Czech Pilsners. Good carbonation, somewhat light but not watered down...very drinkable. The bottle looks pretty damn Czech as well, unlike Czechvar which is Americanized for export. Downside is that this was $4.99 for a 500ml (16.9oz) bottle.Grade A, PQ=13.5...I'll stick with Czechvar

For the first time ever, I was able to start and end a year with a bike ride....1 January's ride wasn't the best of rides, but at least it was sunny and I didn't have to bundle up. Yesterday did 25 miles before work.

My final graph for the year. Monthly totals for biking and running. All the biking between May and October was on a spin bike, so it wasn't real biking...3501 miles for the year, not bad for being away half the year.

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