Sunday, January 18, 2009

Momentum Crit

Today was the first bike race of the year. Beautiful day for a race on Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. This was the first criterium ever for me, so I had the modest goal of finishing with the pack. Also had the less ambitious goal of not crashing, since my boss let me off work this morning to do the race. Race went well for the HACC...we seemed to spend most of the time up front. Jon gave a strong leadout in the last lap that set Steve Steele up for the win...pretty impressive, considering he seemed to have taken more than his fair share of pulls at the front. I hung on to finish half a wheel length behind Jon.

My bike looks extra shiny and yellow in the Hawaiian sun.

The boys look thrilled to be here. I went off the front about halfway through the race...led for a lap with the sole intention of trying to impress them.

They were more impressed by the firetruck. The highlight of their day. Thanks to these Marines for letting the boys "drive" the truck.

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Spartan said...

Nice job! We miss cycling there. Just sold Julies F1 on Ebay last week. Got $2800 bones for it! Frame was too small. Gonna try my hand at joining the blog world link below