Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thursday was the first snow ride of the season. Began my commute as the snow started.

Visibility was low on the way in. Should see the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in this shot.

Got to ride through a couple inches of fresh powder on the way home.

Stayed warm, but earned a eyebrowcicles on both rides.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Protect Your Junk

sunday it rained, a lot. sunday night was cold and it froze.

debated riding on monday. bug got up and my sidewalk was dry, and it didn't feel too cold...was probably 33 or so. knowing it was going to be cold later in the week, i opted for a pair of knickers better suited for fall weather. i thought i'd save the big heavyweight pants for later in the week. for good measure, i through on some knee warmers and packed a spare jacket.

sometime during the day it got cold...and windy.

added the extra jacket on the way home, but had to go with the same knickers.

the wind was rough. nearly thrown off the bike a couple of times in traffic. scary.

made it home. noticed junk was cold. started to put away my gear. junk started to hurt. fell to ground. had to thaw the junk.

the boys grabbed a snuggie and threw it over me for warmth.

scary event. tuesday was windy and colder. took the metro.

back in the saddle today. it was 19F but not windy. i doubled up...winter tights and windstopper running pants. gotta protect the junk.