Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gordon Biersch Winter Bock + PQ Recalculated

Braved COSTCO last weekend, hoping to score a great deal on a Sam Adams Winter Sampler. Confirmed that it was available for ~$25, but right next to it was Gordon Biersch's Winter Sampler. Noted that it contained the wonderful Czech Pilsner and lacked their horrible Hefeweizen. To top it off, it was only $19.49...a big score!

First one I tried was the Winter Bock. This one is a Double Bock...very tasty, not quite at Celebrator's A+ standard, but still damn good. High alcohol content, somewhat complex deep flavor...good stuff. It's an A, with an out of this world PQ=59.

I previously gave the Czech Pilsner an A as well, knocking its PQ up to 59.

So far the GB Winter Sampler is the best value. The pack also contains the Marzen and Blonde Bock, both of which are Bs...still great PQ=44. Therefore, the sampler has a PQavg=51.5.

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Louis Winthorpe III said...

Impressive PQ! I don't remember any PQs over 50, so this is quite notable.

When is the graph coming out?!