Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Wheels

Bought some new wheels for the road bike. Also decided to yellow the bike up, with a little more color coordination with the bar tape and yellow side-walled tires. From what I can tell, color coordination and style is very important to success in cycling, so I thought my plain black tires and black bar tape were not cutting it. Hopefully the increased yellowness will make me faster.

Tested the wheels out today...felt good and thought they were rolling fast. I'm always skeptical of of the little difference equipment makes (except for my recent stem swapout)...I'm an average recreational cyclist. High end equipment shouldn't make that much of a difference...not that these are super-expensive high end wheels, they're just better than the factory set I was riding. It was also hard to gauge too much from today's ride as the wind was very strong. I got pelted by some hard rainfall on my way back from AMR...riding alone in traffic with high winds and blinding rain beating me in the face. I had to jump on the sidewalk to avoid getting hit.

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