Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Countdown List

It's the end of the year, time for countdown lists.

There's been an overwhelming demand that I compile all PQs for the year...ok, 2 people asked for it, which for this blog that constitutes heavy demand.  And besides, the Internet needs another 2008 countdown, or in this case, a count-up list.

Beers are rank-ordered by PQ.  Draft beers, NAs, and F'd up beers (Sparks Energy and Bud/Clamato) are not included.  

1.   Sam Adams Winter A 47.2
2.   SA Holiday Porter A 47.2
3.   Sierra Nevada Anniversary A 46.2
4.   SA Old Fezziwig A- 43.6
5.   Leffe Blonde A 43
6.   King in a Can B 41.5
7.   SA Cranberry Lambic B- 38.7
8.   GB Czech Pilsner A 36.4
9.   Bud American Ale A- 32.1
10.  Deschutes Jubelale A 32
11.  Maui Bikini Blonde A- 26.7
12.  Ayinger Celebrator A+ 21.3
13.  Stonemill Organic C- 16.8
14.  Sam Smith’s Winter A 15.9
15.  John Barleycorn B+ 13.3
16.  Hoffbrau Weisse B+ 13
17.  3 Philosophers A 12
18.  Brewdog Punk IPA A- 9.2
19.  Koshihikari Echigo C+ 9.1
20.  Augustijn Ale B 8.4
Deschutes Inversion IPA A- Unknown
Wild Blue D+ Unknown

After compiling this list, I realized that I need to get down to Costco and pick-up their winter sampler pack...clearly the best value using the PQ system.


sonya said...

I thought you hated cranberry lambic.

sonya said...

the fact that king in a can is #6 really undermines your credibility.

Jon said...

false, sonya. the point of the list is to describe value and quality together, so a pretty good beer that's really cheap should easily sit next to an expensive, perfect beer.

sonya said...

you guys are both wrong. always. aren't you married? where's Becca...go ask her.