Sunday, December 21, 2008


The Garmin 405's performance on the bike has been inconsistent. It usually shuts down on its own, or flashes a blanks in all the data values. The last few rides, it has worked perfectly. Here are graph/map/HUD snapshots from Saturday's ride. I know this representation of data is important to everyone...


Jon said...

1) phenomenal graphage. what a delightfully detailed load of info

2) i didn't realize pineapple was 5 full miles of climbing. Uff.

3) what software are you using?

Strap said...

1) I'm glad you found the data useful

2) Yes

3) Ascent by Montebello Software...according to my research on the Internets, it's the preferred software for Mac users that enjoy graphs and data

Jon said...

1) you're welcome

2) riding tmrw are we?

3) great, I'll have to look it up

Strap said...

2) planning on it...have a 1000 meeting. i'm going to bring my bike gear with me, so i can make it to the 1100

3) check it out. i'm not sure how well it can graph a spin class.