Tuesday, December 30, 2008

John Barleycorn

I haven't sampled too many Barleywines. I've tried a few at brewpubs, and have had SN's barleywine offering. So, it's hard for me to compare anything with Mad River's John Barleycorn Barley Wine Style Ale. I enjoyed the John Barleycorn ale. It's strong stuff, with a pronounced alcohol taste...hard to mask the 9.5% abv. Tasted some dark fruits in there...it was malty. It's a B+, at $2.99/ 12 oz bottle, PQ=13.3. However, with an alcohol content double that of your average beer, it's the equivalent of drinking 24ozs...so, this one has an adjusted PQ=26.6.


Jon said...

help us (me and your other thousands of faithful readers) all out and do an end of year review with all the PQ's listed so we know what stacks up where. That would really assist me in making the right decision when it absolutely has to be the best beer for the best choice. Thanks in advance.

Strap said...

i have 2 faithful readers...you and louis withorpe iii, my only blog commenters.

click on the beer label, and that should give you all my beer "reviews".

i'm too lazy and lack the organization skills to arrange them in one easy post. i'm also too lazy to transfer reviews onto beeradvocate.com or ratebeer.com, or even use their standard tasting template for beer reviews.