Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Budweiser and Clamato

This shit has fucking shellfish in it. What the fuck? What the FUCK???!!!!

This is no exaggeration. I've thrown up in my mouth about 5 times...looking at the fucking can makes me sick. I can't get the taste out of my mouth. It ruined my dinner. About 10 minutes after drinking this, I went back in the kitchen, saw the can and immediately started tasting this flat mixture of beer, tomato juice and clams. No one should subject themselves to this kind of bullshit. This Bud and Clamato mix is stuck somewhere in the back of my throat. I can't get the taste out. I just finished a Sierra Nevada and I'm still tasting that clammy tomato concoction.

No doubt, this is a F-. They also make a Bud Light and Clamato mixture...I can't imagine something tasting worse, but since it's Bud Light and not the King, it's got to be bad.

I can't think of anything that would be worse than this mixture. Here are a few mixtures I'd rather try:

-Skunked Colt .45 mixed w/ V8 and a bottle of Boone's Strawberry Hill
-A warmed 64oz OE mixed with a bottle of the green Tabasco
-Flat Natty Light with a can of tuna soaking in it
-Beast Light mixed with Strawberry Quik


Keith said...

That is too funny, and I love Sonya's "It's good isn't it?". Sounds disgusting, but then I've never been a fan of tomato juice in any form, or any combination, so sounds like a guaranteed puke inducer to me.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Beer mixed with anything else sounds gross. Really, have you ever had a mixed drink where beer was one of the ingredients?!

Clam, tomato juice, and beer sounds downright disgusting. I'd like to know what they were thinking from a business strategy standpoint. Did they do any market research on this? Were there actually a lot of people who thought this tasted great? If so, whom?

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Strap, those were some interesting ideas you had. I laughed out loud when I read "Beast Lite and Strawberry Quick."

Strap said...

since most of the writing on the can is in spanish, this one is for the hispanic market.

at least strawberry quick is a beverage...clams are not a beverage.

jon said...

es muy guapo! es delicioso! "strap" es muy feo. donde esta un bano.

Strap said...

Google Translation to Previous Comment:

It is very cute! It is delicious! "Strap" is very ugly. Where a bathroom