Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Deschutes Jubelale 2008

My favorite thing about Christmas is all the holiday/seasonal beer that is issued during this period. It's quite the challenge to find a wide variety of beer in Hawaii, and you never know what type of winter beer you'll be able to find. So far, I've only seen Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale in one store about 15 miles away...hopefully I'll see it again before Christmas. The same day I found the SN, I saw Deschute's Jubelale. I elected to pickup the Jubelale, since I've bought at least one six-pack of the SN Celebration every year since at least '98.

Winter Beer doesn't really go well in Hawaii, but I've found that on a rainy day (which we've had plenty of late), you can crank up the AC, look outside and pretend like it's winter. In these moments, I want to "warm up" with a nice, heavy, spicy winter ale. Deschutes definitely did the job...a little spice, but not too spicy, good aroma, and it didn't taste like a fermented Christmas tree. It's a solid A, PQ=32

I was looking to expand my beer glass collection, as I've noticed that real bear afficionados drink various beers in varying types of glasses. You can notice from my pictures, that I'm loyal to the pint glass. I did some research, and found that some believe wine glasses are a good option that allow you to "get the best out of your beer."

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