Sunday, January 6, 2008

The King in a Can

Was at a party yesterday and was given a choice of beer...Bud Heavy or Bud a can. Based upon last week's experience with the Bud Light, I opted for the Bud Heavy. I honestly haven't tried Bud Heavy since a part we held my Junior year of College. We got a keg of Bud Heavy. I drank about 5 x 40oz mugs in a short period of time and passed out on the kitchen floor.

Naturally I was a bit apprehensive about beer from a can. I must say the classic styling of Bud Heavy's can gives it a 1970s sort of feel to beer drinking.

I was surprised. I actually like the taste of Bud Heavy in a can. So much so, that I went for two. Unliked the watery taste of Bud Light, you can taste the Hops in this beer-product (still does not adhere to the German Purity Law). Overall Grade: B-. PQ is undefined since I didn't buy this beer...but I will soon! Since the beer is cheap, I'm sure it will have a very high PQ.

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