Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stone Mill Organic Pale Ale

According the the label, Stonemill Pale Ale is brewed by Green Valley Brewing.

The label also depicts a log cabin, a lake, somewhere out in the wilderness...away from it all, where organic beer flows, granola is a plenty, body odor is en vogue...the quintessential dirty organic hippy existence.

The label is very Thoreauesqe.

My Thoreau vision was destroyed when I visited stonemillpaleale.com only to find that this is a Michelob product, which of course is owned by the behemoth Anheuser-Busch....a large corporation which is not very Thoreau-like.

On the positive side, AB was recently bought by a Belgian company, InBev, which appeals to my liberal sensibilities....anything European is desired.

None of the above really matters, because this beer is very unremarkable. I'm not likely to buy this again. It tastes like a mass-produced, watered down Pale Ale. Can't really say anything good about it. C-, PQ=16.8

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