Sunday, December 21, 2008

Koko Head and Kona Beers

Went to Koko Head Sonya hiked up to the top, the boys and I tried to make it up as far as they could. Carter made it halfway up, to the 5th (of 11) telephone poles, because he's going to be 5 next year. Jack made it to # 4. Carter's goal is to hit the top before we leave in the summer.

Followed it up with lunch at Kona Brewing Company. Used the opportunity to taste some of their drafts beers. Started with a Hula Hefeweizen. It was served a little too cold, masking the signature Hefeweizen taste. As it warmed up, the beer got significantly better. The banana/clove flavor wasn't too overpowering. Very refreshing. I give it a B.

2nd pint of "liquid aloha" was the Castaway IPA. This IPA is dry-hopped...the hops were very powerful, but the beer wasn't too bitter. The taste went well with the shrimp melt. Good stuff. An A- for the beer and an A for the shrimp melt.

As you can see, we all had a good time.

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