Monday, December 29, 2008

Brew Dog Punk IPA

Today, Sonya surprised me with six beers from SWAM. I've been curious about this store for awhile, but it's in a shopping center that has notoriously bad parking and other traffic issues that keep me away...or I visit long enough to get a loaf of bread at Great Harvest and get the hell out of there. I read somewhere on the web that this place has the best beer selection on the island. Since there's very little left to try at the military exchanges and Whole Foods, I needed a new source.

The first beer I tried was Brew Dog's Punk IPA. This one's cleverly packaged as an "alternative" beer that really doesn't give a shit if you like it or not, because this beer's better than you. It's better than you, and it really doesn't give a shit that it's better than you, because it's got that punk attitude. Just like all things punk, it comes at a $8.99 for 1 pint 6.4 oz. True punk rockers don't wear cheap clothes and they sure as shit don't drink Natty Light.

At 22.4 oz, it's just .4 ozs too big to fit in my KBC Big Kahuna Glass...why, because it's punk and it doesn't give a shit about my conventional beer glass. Punk IPA is brewed by Brew Dog in Aberdeensire, Scotland...Anarchy in the UK, mothaf***a.

Punk IPA bills itself as a "post modern classic pale ale"...not sure what that means. It tastes like an IPA to me...a good IPA, citrusy, good hop flavor that doesn't knock you out with bitterness. It's a good A-. At $8.99/22.4ozs, PQ=9.2

The folks at Brew Dog threw in some nice text to go along with the bottle's punk attitude. White People eat this stuff up.

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