Saturday, July 5, 2008

the tour starts and it's raining men

the tour de france started today...after a few weeks of trying to find out how i'd get to watch it, just discovered that AFN will be covering on a 1-day delay basis.  we'll get the 2 hour condensed version, conveniently around lunch time.  sonya sent some natural pb&j that arrived today, and i got some fresh jam from the carrefour last weekend.  looks like it will be lunch in the office, with the tour in the background.
usually during the tour, i'm inspired to ride more.  unfortunately, the only option here are beater huffy mountain bikes and spin bikes.  tonight i went to spin class...a different kind of spin class.  the first song was herbie hancock's rock-it.  the instructor started off with some sort of breakin' 2 electric bugaloo type moves, and a few of my classmates followed suit.  i was ok with this, so long as i didn't have to bust a move.  the 2nd song, was 'it's raining men'...and there were dance moves to accompany it.  needless to say, the riding here just isn't the same.  did have a good workout, as i stuck to peddling the bike, while the class rocked out to 'it's raining men', various queen songs, random disco songs, and what must be a spin class first...the fat boys singing 'wipeout'.   i'm not hoping these workouts will make me a better cyclist, just a more tolerant one.
 at least there are no pitbulls in the room.

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