Saturday, July 19, 2008

holsten NA

went out last week and bought a collection of NA.  the Carrefour has an entire aisle of NA, so I bought a couple six packs and a few individual malt beverages.  this trip, i purchased:

-Holsten Pomegranate
-Budweiser NA Green Apple
-Budweiser NA Tropical Fruit

the NA out here is different than NA in the states.  NA here truly is non-alcoholic, and all proudly advertise 0,0% alcohol.  some of these NAs scare me (fruity fake beer), so they've sat in the fridge for a week.  so far, i've just tried the Holsten and Bavaria...both weren't bad...for fake beer.  opened them up at the end of the day at work, and as long as i kept my mind off what i was drinking...just for a split second, i felt like i was drinking regular beer.  

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