Thursday, July 10, 2008

3 Horses NA

last night i hit a new level of desperation...after finishing my allotted 2 beers (Hoffbrau Original and Stella Artois), i wasn't quite ready to call it a night.  chose to reach for the NA (non-alcohoic) malt beverage.  the only one available was 3 Horses, a Dutch beverage.  according to their website, this NA has been popular in the gulf region for over 30 years.  i think the bar purchased this beer over a year ago, as their current inventory is about 2 months past its expiration date.  the drink went down's like a skunked corn flavored water that tastes slightly like beer. 
the product's website calls the beverage a NAM, or Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage.  (shouldn't that be NAMB?  or does that too closely resemble NAMBLA?)  the site goes on to say that this NAM is thirst quenching, and due to only natural ingredients being used, fits easily into a healthy life style.  i'm not convinced this beer's going to fit into my lifestyle.  it left a horrible aftertaste...and even worse, i woke up this morning with a horrible taste in my mouth, and my breath smelled like a piece of poop coated in burnt hair.

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