Monday, July 14, 2008

afn and the tour

had to write a complaint e-mail to afn yesterday.  sat down at 1100 with my pb&j ready to watch the first mountain stage.  noticed that afn sports was showing the ny mets/colorado rockies baseball game, which was only in the 4th inning.  so, i went to the website and saw that the tour wasn't being shown until 1200, and only 1 hour of coverage.  i sent a long e-mail to the network complaining on their paltry coverage, asking why they felt the need to pre-empt the stage with a mid-season baseball game of no consequence.  at 1200, i went back to afn sports to catch the 1hour shortened coverage, only to find out it was cbs's tour coverage instead of versus.  cbs takes the week's highlights and waxes poetic about the "pageantry" and "drama" of the tour, with plenty of interviews and snippits of phil liggett calling the highlights.  basically, this was wide world of sports quality garbage time coverage, condensing a week's worth of racing into an easily digestable 1hour fluff-piece.  it thoroughly pissed me off, as i purposely avoided the news crawl on cnn international and al jazeera, so that i wouldn't know who won...then, i don't even get the coverage.  complete bullshit, from a network that shows arena football games in their entirety.  who the hell watches arena football?

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