Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Went to Spin class this morning. A new instructor showed up today. She fancied herself a motivated work-out addict. Reminds me of that guy with the ponytail on the elliptical trainer infomercial...I think his product is called the Gazelle. Her introduction rambled on liked that of a a hyperactive new commander speaking at his change of command ceremony...full of tired cliches and motivational words to the troops ...words that really lack substance. Anyhow, Spin instructor (from hereon known as Gazelle lady) not only barked the normal orders related to the exercises, she also threw out gems like "everyone's a champion" or "ride this interval like it's your last". At this point, I started to tune out. I'm not one for cheerleading, that's probably why I wasn't a star performer at SOS or ROTC camp. During one interval she threw out something about "focus on the goal that motivates you" and threw out some generic goals like weight loss, faster 5k, etc....basically rhetorical gibberish. At this point some tool in the front of the class screams out "...the freaking pit bull is chasing me". Of course, anytime there's a weirdo in the room, that's sure to get everyone's attention. Looked over and saw this guy pedaling at about 150rpm. As we proceed through this interval, pitbull is looking over his shoulder yelling at the imaginary pitbull. Gazelle lady is left somewhat speechless, but still manages to encourage pitbull's behavior. By the end of the ride, the guy's taunting the imaginary pitbull chasing him. Then to top it off, after the interval, he pulls out his imaginary gun and shoots the imaginary pitbull. Then gazelle lady tells him what a great job he did, way to work hard, etc, thus encouraging this buffoonery.

All this is unfortunate, since I enjoy spin class. What I do not enjoy is silliness and motivational words from the instructor. I prefer my normal riding group...if someone has a good ride, or climbs a hill exceptionally well, someone will say "good job". That's about all I need...and about all the motivation I'm willing to put on others. I really don't give a damn about an imaginary pitbull.


Keith said...

Personally, I don't know how you function cycling at that hour to begin with, but then to have awake enough and enough imagination to be chased by an imaginery pitbull, well that is just disturbing! Sounds like time for a little medication.

BigBoned said...

I've not tried a spin class yet. This post scares me though. Also I've probably not tried it yet since I have to reserve a spot 24 hours in advance.

Strap said...

wouldn't be scared of it...despite all the motivational drivel, you can work out at your own pace.

on the other hand, the pit bull guy is disturbing enough to keep me away. he skipped this week.