Friday, July 25, 2008

nipplectomy II

i wrote this post last year, complaining about nipple chafing when running.  since then, this has been one of the most read pages on this blog, with viewers all over the world (most recently from Milazzo, Italy  and Piedmont, CA on 25 July) searching google with the keyword "nipplectomy" ending up on my site.  are there that many people like me that have the running/chafe problem?  the shirt that the man requires me to wear now has a high chafe-factor.  thankfully i brought a 6month supply of bodyglide with me. 
i'd like to know what the nipplectomy searchers are looking it cosmetic?  or do they have problems while running?  please comment.


Louis Winthorpe III said...

I've never had that problem. Guess you must well-endowed with BT's.

Keith said...

I've had the problem, but mostly in winter -- well what passes for winter her, I've always thought it had something to do with warm nipples on cold shirt, but that wouldn't be your case, so maybe just well endowed !?! -- we'll ask Sonya.

Don't know why it'd be so popular -- guess people have fetishes/fascination about nipples!

Strap said...

the cotton/polyester shirts...friction...once you have the problem once, it happens all the time.