Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AFN's Response

Good morning Stephen - Sorry to disappoint but please understand that one of AFN's primary missions is to draw as many viewers as possible to their television sets with the most popular stateside programming and, for good or ill, in the states more viewers are interested in the MLB than the Tour de France. While we are offering full coverage of the Tour de France during the day we are have to reserve our prime time slots for events that are more highly rated in the states. May I suggest that you arrange to record the race for viewing at a more convenient time? Again, sorry to disappoint. V/R - XXXXXXXXXXX Affiliate Relations AFN Broadcast Center Riverside, California
There you have it...mid-season baseball is more popular.  

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Anonymous said...

If you want, I can burn off some cds of the race thus far. You can get the highlights of each stage or commercial free recordings of each stage.

Just send me an e-mail. I can start from what's going on right now or I can go way back to the beginning of the race up until now.

I should have my g-mail running in the next couple of days, the account has to be idle for 5 days to retrieve the password. Too inconvenient.