Thursday, July 3, 2008

finally...some beer

beer shipment came in yesterday.  for about a week, all the bar had to offer was hard liquor and bacardi breezers, not even the popular red flavor of wine coolers, just the yellow stuff...pineapple.  there was a shitload of pineapple breezer in the fridge.  hopefully they didn't buy any more of that crap, instead focusing on good beer. 
grilled outside yesterday evening...really good idea when it's about 110F outside, but that's what the boss wanted to do.  it was pretty damn hot standing over the grill, so i was more excited about getting a cold beer.  showed up at the bar after eating, saw they had stella artois and 2 varieties of hofbrau (original and hefeweizen).  i opted for the hofbrau original, which was served room temperature...nice.  good thing is that room temperature is about 40 degrees lower than the outside temp, so it's all relative.  after grilling outside, drinking 2 warm beers at the outdoor bar, my uniform was drenched.  good times.
in food news, we had a double salisbury week...served for lunch 2 days in a row.

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