Saturday, July 19, 2008

chow hall avoidance week

managed to avoid the chow hall a record 6 times this past week.

last sunday, had my standard subway lunch.  always a big treat, since they serve fresh vegetables and the bread isn't stale.

later on that day, made it downtown to the Beach Rotana Hotel, for dinner at Indigo. this was by far the best indian meal i've ever had, and by far the best meal i've had in the past 3 months...the lamb curry kicked ass.  even the post meal burps tasted good.  

wednesday, went out to eat with one of the guys in my office that's going back to the states...he spent his time here in some of the upscale hotels, so he knew all the best restaurants.  we at at Chamas, a brazillian restaurant in the intercontinental hotel.  my pickup truck looked out of place in a lot full of mercedes, bmw, ferrari's, etc....lots of bling in this hotel.  this was the best brazilian meal i've ever had...actually, it's the only one, but it won't be the last.  they have a huge salad bar (all fresh vegetables, unlike the wilted iceberg lettuce i've grown accustomed to), and deliver 15 kinds of meat to you fresh from the grill...managed to make it through all 15 cuts of lamb, duck, turkey, chicken, and steak...damn good stuff.

thursday and saturday, ordered pizza from pizza hut.  normally wouldn't go crazy for pizza hut, but this week the chow hall topped itself by serving meatballs & corn dogs 3 days in a row...they also pulled off an unprecedented triple salisbury.

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