Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Usually the day after any long run, I experience a lot of pain. It's even worse after a triathlon, since I'm usually pretty well soaked before beginning the run. There are a few ways to protect you from the pain, but there are times when you either forget about the pain, or proper protection is inconvenient (such was the case on Sunday's race). Anyway, I was thinking about some sort of surgical procedure to alleviate the pain. So, I actually started researching procedures, and saw this page. Looks even more painful...I guess I'll just stick with the nipguards.


Keith said...

It's the lactic acid and it's pretty much natural. I've heard some say magnesium or something like that, but I honestly just think it is part of it. Hey, you are pushing your body to the extreme, and good for you.

Ask Betsy, she's the brain of the bunch.

Strap said...

lactic acid causes nipple chafing?

keith said...

Um, no. I don't think I read the whole thing when I posted that, I was er, thinking of other pain, but no, I wouldn't go for the nipplectomy -- those pictures don't look very sterile either.