Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day Weekend

Weekend started with Jack riding sans training wheels on Friday.

Saturday, did the standard Schofield ride...tough ride due to a lot of wind and fast people making me chase them on hills. Got in a good 50 miles.

That's always a good ride, but had an even better ride when I took both Carter and Jack "mountain biking" on Sunday. We did the nature trail at Bellows, which is pretty hard core for Jack's 3rd day of riding on 12" wheels. He had a lot of determination, riding over roots like a pro and hauling ass when the surface was smooth...pretty badass for being a few weeks shy of 3 years old. After the trail ride, he decided to show us that he could do his old tricks, even without the support of the training wheels. It was a proud moment to have both boys out on the trail.

Today, did a 12 mile run, illegally joining in the fray of 25,000 runners completing the Aloha Run. It was nice to have a traffic free alternate route for awhile. I was wishing I didn't have Plantar Fasciitis, so that I could've ran the 8.2 miles hard...I'll settle for the 12 mile long run in preparation for the Big Sur Marathon.

Realized that after 2.5 years in Hawaii and dropping 30ish pounds, I needed some new winter clothes for my Alaska trip next week. Current wardrobe is great for a gangsta rapper.

Or a model for a diet pill.

Today we finally bought Carter the green bike he's been asking for, a 20" Specialized Hot Rock. We went to the Bike Shop on Saturday looking for it, and had to order it from a shop across town. He's been asking for it every few minutes since Saturday. The bike looks a little big on him, but he handles it well. It's definitely faster than the 16" Hot Rock he's been riding. No more running alongside while he rides, now I've got to ride much harder to keep up with him. He's already asking for shifters and a bike with gears...he just needs to get taller!

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