Friday, February 6, 2009

Maui Trip

Went to Maui. Couldn't find a rental car, so we rode the bus. Maui Bus definitely operates on aloha time...not a precision operation. I was also constantly picked on by the bus drivers (you betta put da bag in ya lap, or no drink ya wata) or other passengers that called me a jackass for cutting.

Since we saved money on rental cars, decided to splurge on cheese. Went to a place cleverly named 'Who Cut the Cheese?'...the cheese monger there was nice, and sold us $49 worth of cheese. Well, not quite $49 worth of cheese. There are some $10 crackers in this picture as well. After a long time on the bus, it was tasty.

Went on a whale watching tour.

Sonya's pointing at a pec slap.

We flew Go! Airlines, will never do that again. We were delayed 2 hours leaving Honolulu. On the return trip, we ran into Bryant at the airport. He was on a flight scheduled to leave 2hrs ahead of ours. His flight was delayed...there were no further announcements. We assumed our flight back to Honolulu was delayed as announcements. At 4:40, when our flight was scheduled to leave, a Go! jet pulls up, and folks de-plane. Other people get up and form a line...still no announcement. We jump in line, and find out it was the 4:40 flight...some of the 2:40 people also get ont, but not all of them. We sat on the plane for about 45 minutes...apparently they had to take some luggage off the 2:40 plane and load our plane with the luggage. The air conditioner didn't work...I was sweating pretty bad. We finally was pretty sunny, so we decided to shut the shade. It was broken.

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