Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alaskan Pale Ale

Arrived in Anchorage this morning after a long overnight trip through Seattle. I was greeted by 20 degree weather, a foot of snow and Cassius and Cassius at the airport. It was the most Cassiuses I've ever seen at one time.

Cassius took me to get a giant burrito. We followed it up with a trip to the commissary...I have to have my Kashi granola. I also needed to load up on some local beer. Alaskan Brewing Company offers a wide selection....too bad they didn't have a six-pack sampler. With so many choices, I opted for the Pale Ale. Good choice. This is a fairly light tasting pale ale....very smooth, a good all around session beer. In my younger days, a sixer of this wouldn't last long at all. Grade=A, PQ=32.2

After taking a nap, decided to walk over to the gym. 20 degrees is super cold if you haven't experienced winter weather in a couple of years. I made the 15 minute walk and decided to run on the indoor track. 50 laps of a .1 mile track....I really wish I packed some cold weather running clothes.

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