Monday, February 23, 2009

Kodiak Brown Ale

Tonight I cracked open a double-deuce of Midnight Sun Brewing Company's Kodiak Brown Ale. Midnight Sun offered several 22 ouncers. The crazy bear on the bottle caught my eye, so the Kodiak Brown Ale is the one I picked up. If I was going to be here much longer, would've picked up some of the others. Too bad you can't carry the stuff on the plane, or I'd load up the backpack. I suppose I could get a bunch of 3oz bottles, fill 'em with beer and load into a Ziploc bag.

Since there are no glasses in my room, I'm drinking the double-deuce straight from the bottle..gangsta, or in my case, hobo style. It's been awhile since I've downed a 40oz or the less manly double-deuce straight from the bottle. A 40oz is best judged by the swill at the bottom. As I type, I'm about halfway through the bottle. This brown ale is a bit nutty, malty, almost has a coffee flavor. It's drinkable though...goes down smooth, but not quite the "session" beer like the the Alaskan Pale I had last night.


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