Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alaska Amber

Left Anchorage last night. Was waiting in line behind some dude that obviously had never flown before. He was taking forever, so I looked one was at the first class counter, so the attendant waved me over. Showed her my ID, asked about getting out of the middle seat for my Seattle-Honolulu leg of flight. She tried without success to hook me up w/ First Class. So, I went on my way, got on the plane, was reading my book when the same lady from the ticket counter arrived w/ my First Class upgrade her Sarah Palin voice, she asked me if I was still interested in an upgrade. So I took it, and the best part is that I scored a free beer...Alaska Amber. Very refreshing, like the Pale, another good session beer. Grade=A

Alaskan Airlines rocked...never had that kind of service where a counter worker tracked me down. Was good to get a little sleep in first class...I know I won't get the same service on the Northwest flight to Honolulu.

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