Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late night art projects

Friday was an interesting morning. Here's the timeline:

0300--Jack's crying in his room. Too tired to debate him, we tell him to just jump in our bed.

0500--My alarm goes off, I get sheets sticking to me.

0501--Unaware this may be a problem, I try to pull them off me.

0501:30--I yell out a few obscenities as hair is pulled from my chest.

0502--Discover something sticky all over my back, look in bed for the cause

0503--Notice Jack snuggling a jumbo-sized container of Elmer's glue, which is now empty.

0510--I go for a run, and sweat off most of the glue.

0630--Jack wakes up, Sonya discovered him covered in glue, then throws him in the tub. She asks him why he brought the glue to bed. Obviously annoyed with such a silly question, he responds, "I was working on art projects." After Sonya inquired further he declares that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

0635--Sonya discovers the entire bed covered in glue.

1200--Jack finally pulls the rest of the glue off his body.

Jack still refuses to discuss the events, thus we will likely never know what really happened between 0300 and 0500.