Monday, February 16, 2009

Crustacean-free Beer

I was in the beer store Saturday and said to myself, "Why can't I find any crustacean-free beer?" Any why do so many beers have eggs, beer and celery in them? I want a beer that's free of that...and while you're eliminating these ingredients, take the gluten with you. Why does beer need wheat and barley? We need to move past that paradigm....give me sorghum, millet and rice!

Maybe not. Green's Quest is one of the worst non-malt liquors and non-NAs (apologize for the double-negative) that I've tried. Plain awful. There was an apricotish taste, with the mouthfeel of dirty dishwater. The soapy aftertaste lingered for about an hour after I consumed this beerless beer. It does have a high-alcohol content, being a Belgian Tripel and all, but that's not enough to make this worth the $6.99/500ml I paid for this swill. Mixing with a crustacean, an egg, and a stalk of celery wouldn't hurt this one.

Grade=D-, PQ=1.7.

Now give me some gluten!

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