Sunday, July 1, 2007

Smoaks, SC

Decided I needed at least one fancy blogging tool if I was going to make it in the blogosphere, so I installed this Neocounter (to your right) in order to track the location of my blog visitors. Most of the locations I've seen so far make sense to me...places where I can pinpoint who the visitor may be. All except one location that came up today...Smoaks, SC. Even though I lived in SC for 3 years, I've never heard of Smoaks.

I feel somewhat privileged to have a Smoakian visit my site...there are only 140 Smoakians living in 68 houses. There's an 85.71% chance the visitor from smoke is white. Only 28.8% of the household have children under 18 and a whopping 57.6% contained married couples. The largest age group is 45-64, and for every 100 females, there are only 91.1 males. So, more than likely my Smoakian is a married female around 55 years old...she either has children over the age of 18, or has never had children. She is white, and has an income of around $27,750 per year.

If you're a Smoakian, please leave a comment and tell me if I'm that far off base.


Louis Winthorpe III said...

Wow, now you even got a hit from Germany and Japan.

Strap said...

i probably know the visitor from Japan, but am clueless on Germany...have had 2 different German locations visit.

i also don't know anyone from MS, but have gotten 3 visits from Brandon MS.