Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still Praying...

This prayer's still up on the PPT website:

"Pray peace upon the city of Baghdad and the nation of Iraq, asking God to defeat his enemies there and bring about His greatest plan for that nation..."

I'm not sure how long it's been up, but God's not listening. Or, he's waiting until September to present his plan after Gen Petraeus reports to Congress.

Here's a good website about prayer.


Anonymous said...

I was reading reviews of "Road to G-Mo" and found this one...
I don't understand it (it's 4 am and I've been up for an hour so I'm not understanding much right now) but...I don't get it...where's this person coming from?

4 of 24 people found the following review helpful:
Islamoganda, January 19, 2007
By Shannon Joseph Cream (los angeles) - See all my reviews
So marriage-minded Asif, a British Muslim, travels with a group of his co-religionists to his ancestral home of Pakistan a few weeks after 9/11. For giggles in the midst of massive American-led military actions, the lads decided to hop the Afghan border and head for Kandahar, home of the Taliban (as you do).

This preposterous, though well filmed 'innocents caught up in a nightmare' tale that director Mat Whitecross, launches is clear from that beginning that the truth of this story emanates solely from the mouths of Asif and his mates. They comment on their personal road to Guantanamo, while actors demonstrate what we are being told happened.

President Bush decided soon after the September attack, that he was going after the bad guys, and if that meant judicial fiat, respect for constitutional principals and international law were to be thrown out of the window, so be it. So here we have yet another botched, ill-conceived, shoot-from-the-hip plan to thwart terrorism, that does little more than give succor to the enemy and trample our moral highground.
Asif, and his colleagues were gravely mistreated and their human rights soiled at Guantanamo. To date this debacle of a prison that masquerades as American law has given us not a single convicted poster boy to demonstrate the effectiveness of the policy of 'rendition.'

Those released without charge such as the subjects of this documentary, serve as motivators for the anti-western forces of Jihad, and they will garner sympathy from gullible Kuffar liberals who swallow this Islamoganda hook line and sinker. The fact that this movie was able to be made however lays at the feet of the Bush administration, for it is they that established back door rules of engagement as they pretended to effect law and order. If Asif and his pals, who may well have been joining the 'struggle' in Afghanistan are now movie stars instead of convicts, it is likely a consequence of our impetuous hubristic approach to twarting our enemies.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Interesting website you mention in your post. I still like Alan Watt's explanation of God best.