Friday, July 27, 2007

Hoolualea Ale--Bottled

Finally bottled the Hoolualea Ale tonight. I meant to do it a few days ago, but since bottling's the biggest pain in the ass it had to wait. Drank a few before bottling, so I'm sure I cut a few corners. Instead of really sanitizing the bottles as I'd done in the past, I threw them in the dishwasher. I did follow some of my Sensai's advice and rinsed the mouth out with some Jack Daniels before siphoning the ale into the bottling bucket...if you haven't tried gargling with some JD, it's a real treat. The beer looks pretty clear and I think it will taste had a pleasant taste uncarbonated, and the secondary fermentation really helped clear up some of the nasty yeast remnants. My early beers were full of sediment.

Doing the Tinman Triathlon on Sunday...good thing I did some carb-loading tonight with beer and cake.


Anonymous said...

why did you have to gargle with JD? if you were just siphoning it from one container to the next...

I can't remember my google ID/password--so I'm glad you're allowing anonymous posts.

hope you got to the portapotties at the race before everyone else did.

so, what's the brewing community say about using the dishwasher as bottle-sanitizer? WWTD? (Travis)

Strap said...

Bruno was strictly a dishwasher man...hopefully my beer's a little better.

gargling with JD kills the bacteria in my mouth.