Thursday, August 28, 2008

spray deodorant

we don't have the best bx in the world, unless you're looking for a rock hero guitar...they have about 10 different varieties of guitars to include the aerosmith edition.  if you're looking for deodorant, the pickings are slim.  you can either by the generic aafes brand that crumbles upon the first application, or you can get right guard in a can.  it's been a long time since i've used an aerosol deodorant, but i had to choose it over the crumbly aafes roll-on.  there are a few problems with the aerosol deodorant:
1) it makes a lot of noise when spraying.  this is a concern, since i'm up every morning at 5:30, while my roommate sleeps until 8:00.  right guard uses some high-powered aerosol that can wake up the sleeping.  i mitigate this by only applying short bursts of deodorant.
2) the aerosol puff cloud of freshness is way too powerful.  it will choke anyone in the room.  i taste the freshness for hours.
i've told a few people about my switch to aerosol deodorant and have gotten some interesting feedback.  the reaction would be the same if i suggested that i planned to grow a mullet, wear some jorts and drive a camaro.  so, i searched the internets to see what all i could find about spray on deodorant. gives good directions on how to apply spray deodorant. gives a good rundown on the deodorant market.  spray deodorant growth is slowing down, while the roll-on sector is expanding.
i need to pick-up some deodorant next time i'm downtown.  it won't be spray-on, unless i can get some of the RGX BodySpray developed by my boy 50-cent, or as I call him...brutha fitty.


Raike said...

Found your post about deodorant to be very interesting.

sonya said...

I thought it was interesting too. and I think it's nice for you to get such positive feedback. as for finding deodorant downtown--do you think you'll find some good choices?
Some countries aren't known for deodorant selection. like Korea, for example.

aiyna said...

An aerosol package is an air-tight, pressurized container. Pressing the actuator button opens the valve. Since the pressure outside the can is less than the pressure inside, the propellant expands, pushing the product up the dip tube and out through the valve. This system allows the product to be applied in a variety of ways in a fine mist, a metered spray delivering just the right amount, a foam, or even a long-distance spray.

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