Tuesday, August 19, 2008

running out of running options

there are 3 places authorized for running.  i was on my preferred course tonight, doing the standard out and back 4 miler, exhausting the length of the course.  when i return, the gate guard who controls access to the course told me that the course is closed effective immediately.  we're now down to 2 very short loops (0.7miles and 1.3 miles)...although there are miles of road here, all have been deemed "unsafe" because there "are cars driving 45mph on them"....i mentioned to my boss that i wanted to bring my bike out here and ride on the same road...he thought i was crazy.
in 2 more months, i can be an adult again...can't wait.  don't know what i'm going to do with that kind of freedom. i know the first thing will be the wearing of black socks and the untucking of my shirt.  i'm f---ing crazy!

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