Wednesday, August 13, 2008

garmin foot pod...not impressed

i bought the garmin foot pod because i knew i'd be doing a lot of treadmill running out here.  so far, i'm not impressed with its performance.  there's definitely an error would be fine if the margin of error was consistent, but so far it's been anything but.
i calibrated using the GPS...not the most accurate calibration, as using a measured track is preferred.  i may try to recalibrate on the track, but then again, i'll need to confirm that the track out here is properly measured.
also, i'm running on a number of, that could contribute to the error somewhat.  i don't know much about treadmill calibrations, but have always assumed them to be accurate.  when the treadmill tells me i'm running a 7minute mile, i feel like i'm running a 7minute mile.
on 2 recent runs, the margin of error varied considerably.  i did a treadmill 10miler a couple weeks ago...i ran this one at a consistent pace...about an 8:20 min/mile pace.  at the end of the run, the 405 read at .09 off, that's an error <1%.
2 days ago, i ran a 5 miler...this time i varied the pace, with a couple of faster miles.  at the end of the run, the 405 read 4.37 for a 12.6% error...not good.  when the treamill was telling me i was running a 7:04 min/mile pace, the 405 was telling me that my pace was 8:18.  clearly, higher speeds affect the accuracy.
the latest issue of runner's world magazine had an article on 'beating the heat'...something i've had little success at over the last few months.  it had a blurb on heat index and a scale the national weather service uses to tell you that it's too dangerous to exercise outside.  here's the scale:
here's our forecast for today:
High:  111F
Low:  89F
Relative Humidity:  90%
no wonder i'm dying out there...monday night i did a 4 miler outside...tuesday i did a 5 miler inside. i finished the 5 miler inside easily in 37:55...the 4 miler outside, i struggled to finish in 38:15.
no way i can 'beat the heat'...tip number 6 in the article, 'get used to it', is a load of shit. 

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