Thursday, August 21, 2008

haircut from the hulk

so far i haven't received a good haircut out here. there are 4 barber chairs in our barber shop.  i've been to the barber shop 5 times since i've been here.  odds are that i would've received haircuts from more than 1 barber.  i'm not a picky barbershop patron.  i don't wait for my choice barber to cut my hair. i rarely get a good haircut, so i usually just roll the dice and get the barber i'm assigned.  every time i've gone to the bargershop, i've been assigned the same barber.  the barber looks like the incredible hulk, with a cro-magnon face, giant bushy eyebrows, the lou ferigno era hulk haircut, and a stocky build.  it's not so much his haircutting that bothers me, it's the post-haircut festivities that makes me want to avoid the hulk.  however, every time i walk in, like yesterday, the hulk jumps up, ready to cut my hair.  after the haircut, he gives the head massage that is customary in this part of the world.  however, the hulk goes above and beyond.  he gives quite the rub-down, and takes it a little too far by putting his hands down the shirt to rub my shoulders.  i've checked around, and only 1 or 2 other guys have gotten the full hulk rubdown.  this concerns me.  i feel violated.

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sonya said...

but do you KIND OF like it? even just a little bit?
take a picture of him. I want to see how scary he is.