Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm not a huge McDonald's fan...aside from the McGriddles, the Limited Edition Banana Pie and the McLattes, I could live without it. When overseas, I always stop by the McDonald's to try the local sandwich of choice, for example:
The McBorek in Turkey--tasted ok, but I was never sure what the Borek meant
Kimchi Burger and Bulgogi Burger in Korea--Kimchi Burger scared me, so I avoided it...Bulgogi Burger was OK
Kiwi Burger in New Zealand--it had a F'n beet and fried egg on it...awful.
Some cheese and tomato sandwich in Australia--good stuff, can't go wrong with cheese and tomato
McCroque Monsier in France--love the Croque Monsieur
McSomething F'd up in Thailan--can't remember what they had, but I was afraid...seem to remember something fishy
Today I finally tried the McArabia, and it consisted of two patties of kofta, fresh lettuce/tomato, a yogurt based sauce and fresh flatbread.  This had to be the freshest, tastiest fast food product I've ever had.  Washed it down with a regular sized coke (would be 1/2 the child's size in the US), and a regular order of fries (would be the Happy Meal size in the US).  They need to export the McArabia.


sonya said...

I loved the kiwi burger. you can never go wrong with beets and eggs. reevaluate.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Did it "burn clean?"

I ask because when I was in Germany I noticed that the McDonalds food there did not taste as greasy and seemed much lighter. I liked the McDonalds there.