Monday, June 2, 2008

running with a blowdryer

next time you get on the treadmill, turn the heat up in the room, set up about 100 hair dryers, point them at the treadmill, set a big pile of sand between the treadmill and hair dryers.  turn on the hair dryers.  then run.  that's what it feels like running here at 6pm.  i struggled to do 4 miles at a 8 min/mile pace...the cold bottle of water i carried was hot about 2 miles into the run.  i was drained afterwards.

my only alternative is the treadmill.  i like to avoid the treadmill, as i produce more sweat than your average american.  i'm afraid the sweat is going to pile up so fast on the treads causing me to slip off the treadmill...and the worst part of it is this af pt uniform that traps in all the sweat.  they let us untuck for working out purposes, which is a good thing, but i have to retuck before walking back to the room...retucking a cold sweaty shirt into your shorts is quite an experience.

the bar got some stella artois this shipment...i rate it a solid 'a'.  it's still hot and humid, even at i gots to get my drink on real quicklike.


sonya said...

give up trying to run outside...have you gone crazy? just go get on the treadmill and sweat your balls off. it's detoxifying.

Keith said...

Yeah, we don't want to hear you collapsing of heat stroke out in the desert -- sweat and be proud of it! And maybe you sweat more than the average American because you exercise more than most do!