Friday, June 13, 2008


interesting developments in the world of beer economics.  i'm sure joe couchpotato wouldn't like a bunch of belgians owning his beloved bud...hell, joe couchpotato couldn't find belgium on a map, so maybe it's not that bad.  but, when joe couchpotato finds out that french is spoken in belgium, they just may have to switch their allegiances to miller.  i've been drinking a lot of stella artois out's the same price as bud heavy, so there's no incentive to patronize the king.  if inbev's purchase of anheuser-busch helps distribution of stella and beck's, thus lowering their prices in the states, i may have to give up on the king altogether.  i'm sure there will still be some price differentiation.  most bars and restaurants call american brewed beers such as killian's an import, just because it has an irish sounding name.  now, if budweiser is belgian-owned, could it be treated the same way?  seems to me that it will have more of a stake to the "import" claim, as it is a foreign-owned beer brewed in the states.  it does concern me that rising grain prices will affect beer prices. 


Keith said...

Interestingly InBev as created in 2004 by merging Interbrew and AmBev -- Brazilian brewer which sells such brands as Brahma and Antartica.

Will be interesting to see what happens, and I doubt Joecouchpotato will even really notice -- other than what happens to the price of his swill which is probably more dependant on the price of cereals.

Strap said...

a lot of the joecouchpotatoes out here know about it...the story made the "Stars & Stripes"