Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lunch Photo Gallery

The first meal is yakisoba. This is one dish that is hard to mess up, although the recipe used here does not stick close to the dish's Chinese/Japanese origins. Since it's usually served after spaghetti & taco day, this meet and noodle concoction is merely a leftover combination of the two. Despite the fact that it doesn't look good, nor does it stay true to the form of yakisoba, this is one of the few hot meals I'll eat.

The next meal is my standard lunch…pb&j. I'll eat the salad of the day on the side, so long as it's not the chow hall specialty "shrimp-corn salad", which resembles cat vomit. Shrimp corn salad may have been the culprit of a massive diarrhea outbreak last week. So, for it's unappetizing appearance, rubbery shrimp texture, and diarrhea causing properties, I've yet to try the "shrimp-corn cat vomit salad". On this day, there were no tasty salads available, so I ate pickles on the side. The meal next to it is Dave's meatball sub. This one has been known to cause gastrointestinal damage, so I've avoided it as well.

One meal I wish I had a picture of was the pizzaburger. It's only been served once, early in my tour. This was before I became disillusioned, and was still eating a lot of cooked meals. The burger was the standard of the standard grayish chowhall burger hue, but it was covered with pizza sauce, white cheese and pepperonis. This gut bomb tasted just fine…would make great drunk-food…but it caused an instant eruption, literally destroying my stomach. It cleared me out until dinner time, when I ate a healthy portion of chili-mac. After that day, I went on the pb&j and cereal diet.

Here's a collection of drinks I picked up at the local grocery. From left to right, we have Freez, Rani, and Bandung. Freez looks like a wine-cooler, but is nothing more than a fizzy lemonade…it was ok. Rani is banana-juice. I like banana juice, so it went down smooth. Good stuff. Bandung is "Rose syrup milk". This is the worst thing I've ever tasted, except for the Bud/Clamato crap. If you milked a flower, this is what you'd get. I should've known by the smell that this wasn't going to be pleasant. I drank without looking at the liquid. It looks like Strawberry Quik…one of the most disgusting liquids ever made. Had I poured it, there's no way I would've tried it. It took the rest of the day to get the taste out of my mouth.

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