Saturday, June 28, 2008

getting out

made it downtown again this friday. driving out was another adventure, fighting crazy traffic...too many cars with too many wild drivers. the main highway is full of tcns playing frogger. these guys try to cross 5 lanes of 100kph+ traffic...some don't make it.

highlights of the evening:

-got a new bag of coffee beans at the starbucks. they finally have coffee again.

-dinner at an iranian restaurant...had some kickass lamb & rice. almost ate the gormeh sabhzi (just like afrooz used to make), but couldn't pass up the lamb. got some strawberry juice as well...this is some good stuff. it seems pretty common, since this is the 2nd place i've had it...avocado juice is on the menu. i'll have to try next time...never knew you could juice them.

-picked up a few food items at the carrefour...quality jam, made from real fruit. i'm not sure what those little packets in the chow hall consist of...mainly sugar. got some good cheese, since that's another thing that's lacking here. had to pick up a good yogurt drink, for the probiotics...maybe that will help with the digestion of all this high quality food. saw that they had strawberry juice, so i couldn't pass that up.

avoided the chow hall's mongolian bbq night. the last time they had mongolian bbq, it caused a major battle in my gut. i was one of many victims of the bbq, as the clinic was full the next morning. speaking of the chow hall, here's a little bitching just so i can make anonymous feel good about himself.

1) the first image is of a corn based salad. it's either tuna-corn, chicken-corn, or turkey-corn. i asked 3 different people what was in the salad, and those are the answers i got. i tried for myself. all 3 meats could be tasted in this mess. like all the salads here, it was heavy on the mayo.

2) this is a full meal. the pb&j is standard. i get little packets of pb and little packets of j from the large bin...the j is usually grape. the bread is stale. occasionally there's one item that makes the walk over to the chow hall worth it. on this day it was the strawberries. the cookies are usually good too. on this day, the highlight of the meal was brocoli/canned mushroom salad. this one was heavy on the thousand island dressing.

(it took 1 hour to upload these pictures. the world of warcraft room is busy today. i love this place.)

yesterday they served shrimp-mayo salad...just some shrimp bathing in mayo with paprika mixed in.

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