Wednesday, June 25, 2008

chasing the stink

smell update:
you can categorize odors into 2 broad areas--inside odors and outside odors.
inside odor:  there are several here, most relate to tcns (guest workers) and bathrooms.  the tcn smell is usually noticed when they're in the hall, cleaning the building at work.  the worst time to smell a tcn is when he's serving at the chow hall.  the smell is essentially b.o. to the highest degree.  the bathrooms can get pretty bad here, especially in the building where i work.  there is no a/c in the bathroom, and occasionally a tcn comes in to use it...that's the perfect storm of smells.  i walked in today and it smelled like a couple of tcns got liquored up on mexican night.  you could smell the bathroom from 50ft away easy...could even smell it in the office, so i walked over to the chow hall for about an hour, to give the smell time to blow over.
outside odor:  i went for a run this evening, and ended up 'chasing the stink' every night, it was still hot when i was out running.  no smells at first, but about  1.75 miles into the run, right before the 2 mile turn around, i found the source of the shit smell....or at least found the most concentrated shit smell around.  i couldn't actually see anything, because it was in the middle of the desert...nothing was around, but the smell was powerful for the next 4 or 5 minutes.  between the heat, concentrated dust, and shit clouds, i don't know why i continue to run outside.  this can't be healthy.  the only thing worse would be to set up a treadmill next to the bathroom at work.

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