Tuesday, June 10, 2008

antarctic condoms

if 16,500 condoms are sent as a year's supply of condoms for 125 people, that equates to 132 condoms per person.  knowing that condoms are rarely used for solo endeavors, if you pair everyone up equally, that's 264 condoms per couple.  further, some will likely be celibate for the year, unless the antarctic is some wild orgy.  it appears that's what it is, if this is indeed a year's supply of condoms.  if they are evenly distributed and usage is consistent throughout the small community of 125, on average everyone is having sex every 1.38 days.


Louis Winthorpe III said...

You aren't gainfully employed out there, are you?!

Louis Winthorpe III said...
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Strap said...

i do most of my work between 5 and 9 am...the rest of the day is pretty slow. i am busier than my boss, whose only purpose in life is walking around to tell everyone "good job"