Monday, June 9, 2008

Bilderberg 2008

they held bilderberg 2008 in chantilly, va...damn.  would've loved to see alex jones out there protesting the meeting of the world's elite.  they typically vet presidential and vp candidates.  alex et al believe they make the decisions on who will be president, and operate as the puppet of the illuminati.  good stuff.  it would be interesting to see alex on the bullhorn doing what he does best...fighting for the common man, exposing the corrupt world government controlled by david rockefeller, queen beatrix of the netherlands and other powerful people that transcend national governments.


Jon said...

I went last year, it's not that big of a deal. The writer is correct, if it was a nefarious meeting of power brokers intent on ruling the globe, they wouldn't do it in a Marriott and have a press release.

Ryan said...

If this has anything to do with anything, Alex Jones was in Waking Life riding around in a car with a bullhorn ranting about the blindness of the common man.

Strap said...

saw that movie...alex always has a bullhorn, exposing corruption, fighting the illuminati.